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Best Way To Learn Piano In Singapore? Private Vs Schools

If you want to take SG music classes and become a pianist, what is the best way you can learn to play the musical instrument? There are namely two ways you can learn the piano in Singapore.

The first of which will be to take piano lessons from a music school in Singapore. Music schools in Singapore are places such as Yamaha. These are basically physical music studios usually located within shopping malls throughout Singapore. They have a physical location with multiple studios for you to rent a room in and practise the piano.

When you take lessons from a music school, you will be signing up with the front desk, and they usually allocate you a random teacher who is most suited to teach your requested grade level. You will be required to go to the music school for piano lessons.

One the greatest upsides about learning from the music school is that lessons are very structured, and you will know what you are learning every time. Generally speaking, as long as you stick to a large music school such as Yamaha, you will not go wrong, and the teachers should be of high enough quality.

One of the greatest downsides about learning from a physical, local piano school is that if you do not find it convenient to travel or learn significantly faster or slower than other students, you will be forced to still learn at the same pace. The lessons are structured and regimental – therefore, if you are ‘average’, you can learn well. But many students are usually slower or faster than average, and these students struggle when they learn from a public music school.

The second way you can learn to play the piano in Singapore is to have a private home piano teacher come to your house to teach you music lessons. There are also teacher who host at their location. These are basically private piano teachers who do not work for any company but themselves. They are sometimes attached to a piano teacher agency to get more students, and as a student, you can get these teachers through such agencies too. You can easily find such agencies online.

One of the best benefits of having a private piano tutor is that it is like having your own tuition teacher – albeit for learning the piano and not academia. You can have the lessons customized and tailor made for you. This is fantastic if you want lessons which are much quicker or slower in pace or unique compared to others.

The greatest disadvantage of having a private piano teacher in Singapore is that there are great teachers and bad teachers. A way to reduce the chances of this happening is to either look for a private home piano tutor through a trusted referral or an agency instead of looking for individual teachers yourself.

So there you have it. The verdict? Go through music schools if you learn best through a structured and regimental program. Go through private piano teachers if you want customized lessons and lessons which are faster than schools.